Yes, Together We Can
by (Capt) Ravi K Mahajan

36. Epilogue: 



“Life which begins with a wail, must end with a smile. When you were an infant, all those around you smiled though you kept wailing. But when you die, all around you must weep at the loss and you should smile in peace”.                                                       Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


This is the concluding lesson of this book, which started with ‘Life is God’s most precious gift to you’. To inspire and motivate you to live this life fully with vibrancy, grace, and joy, is the aim and objective of writing this book. Idea is to make you realize, that through change, you can self-improve and self-empower. Change is to be brought within you, within your inner self. Through inspired change brought to you through various lessons in this book, aim is to make you live a happier, joyful, calm, peaceful life, resulting in a tranquil living, which we all desire.


In life – Never hesitate to give up good for the better. This book is like a cookery book. And one does not become a great cook like your mother or wife, just by reading books. They became great cooks by changing the recipes, introducing new ideas, using different ingredients, by practice, commitment and willpower. That’s how your mother and wife cook such mouth watering idli-sambher, paisum, alu paranthas or chana –puri and what not.


Through change, intention of the writer is to motivate you to adopt many day to day occurrences such as, how to face adversities, meet challenges through change of attitude from negative to positive. Parenting is not only rearing children or providing for their upkeep, but in reality, provide them a solid base and foundation for life, on which they can build their bright future, not through money or material gains, but through efforts to make a difference, to make this world a better place to live for themselves and for their children. Self confidence, Ego, Enthusiasm, Patience, Respect and many more are different ingredients in life, which have to be mixed well, practiced and then instilled to make real Success of your Life.


‘Success Paradigm’ is another lesson which is, in reality, a recent find. Like everyone else, I also thought that success is generally material-based Success. But when you think deeply about life, what we actually want is Peace of Mind, Happiness and Respect. So, why not try acquiring those qualities by constant practice and change. This is what success paradigm is about. How you feel when you have lived it all? Do you feel good? If yes, then you have lived a Real Rewarding Successful Life.


Money does play a very important role in our life. Without money we are nothing. But, unfortunately, most people do not seem to have the correct perspective of money. I have gone through the events of my life, my experiences dealing with thousands of people in last fifty years or so, to advise you on money matters so that instead of pursuing money and wealth mindlessly, you have correct perspective of money giving you eternal bliss, happiness and joy. You have to think for yourself about this important aspect and act, dictated by your convictions, not by greed. After having done your best, when nothing remains to be done, is what my view of ‘Karma’ is. You have to concentrate on your ‘Karma’. Money will automatically come. As our cricketing legend, Sunil Gavaskar, often says, ‘remain at the wicket. Runs will automatically come’. So is true of life. So is true of money.


Keep your greed away, do the things within ambit of the law, pay your taxes properly, save regularly a fixed amount, do not blow away the money, and share it with those, even a little, who are not as fortunate. Make give-share-help, a working principal in life. You can never go wrong. You do it for your own happiness and joy, not for those who benefit from your generosity and kindness.


Then, the gist of life, The Platinum Rules. Adopt them in your life, every day, every hour. They shall help you to become the person you have always wanted to be. As Gandhi Ji used to say ‘Be the change you want others to be’. In life, you have to invest in change. ‘To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often’. So the basic working principal of life is to think, analyze and then, adopt to change for the better.


It has given me immense happiness, joy, pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment to complete this work. It is my way of paying back, what I have received in abundance from the society, people and our great country, India. Last fifty year’s experience, notes, compilations and knowledge, could not have been possible to be written in about two hundred pages. I have a lot more to share with you. Sincerely hoping, I shall be with you again soon.


I have two charming Grand daughters, Ragini (eight years) and Naina (one & half years). They have been my inspiration for writing this book. When I am on my final journey, to where I came from, I want to hear them shouting, along with 1.21 billion voices, “Yes, Together we have done it, Grandpa”. I live in the Confidence, Hope and Aspiration of hearing those 1.21 billion voices Together.


Unless you have had that burning desire to improve, you would not be reading this. I have kept one mantra, which in my opinion, is the most important MANTRA of life, to be told to you last.


Apply this Mantra everywhere, every time you meet some body. You will always pass all the Tests in life with flying colours and can never go wrong.  And that is:




Thank you. Happy Ending. And Wishing You, Your Family, Friends, Associates, Everyone, All the Best in Life. And Remember, whatever is there, it has been great to be Together, Greatest, to be Born INDIAN.


Whatever the odds,  YES. TOGETHER WE CAN.



Capt. Ravi Mahajan (Retd.)

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