Yes, Together We Can
by (Capt) Ravi K Mahajan



Learn to say ‘No’. We all have limits to our

Time, Energy & Interests. If we always say ‘Yes’, to every demand made on our time, we may ruin more relationships, than if we refuse right away.


Time is the most precious commodity in our lives. Most precious because of its uncertainty. No one in this world knows when his time will be over. No one knows whether he has one day, one decade or many decades left. This uncertainty makes it more imperative for us to spend our time with great caution and care. But, unfortunately, it is easy said than done.


You must be convinced by now that all habits, good or bad, are formed in childhood, mostly between four and fourteen years of age. Unfortunately, like we or our education system itself, keeps wasting so much of time, resources and energy on teaching the children, subjects, teachings of which mostly, they would never need in their lives. Time, how it should be managed, how to make best use of it, how not to waste it, which are so important in the life of any person, is never even mentioned or taught in childhood.


Simple fact of life is that anything on which we invest time, Grows. Anything which is starved of time, does not grow or rather shrinks. Hence, Time Management is, investing our most  precious asset, that is TIME, in things which are IMPORTANT. And not investing our precious time in unimportant things. Time management is not so much about managing time, as much about managing ourselves which can also be called, Time Discipline.


Time can only be managed efficiently through Discipline. That is TIME FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON TIME. Well, in other words, a place for everything and everything in its place. Imagine how much time we waste in finding things, which have not been kept at their proper place, where they should have been kept. It takes the same time for a thing to be kept at its proper place, where it shall be easy for us to find it, or at a place where it should not have been kept and when we need it, we have forgotten where we kept it and waste time on finding it. When we can’t find the thing we need, it adds to flared tempers, unnecessary and avoidable shouting and disturbing the peace and tranquility of the place. And many times, when a thing is not found at its proper place, allegations, doubts and baseless aspersions are exchanged.


We Indians are also distinguished by our lack of punctuality and time schedule. By not being punctual for a meeting or function, we not only waste our time but others’ time also. We often blame the Traffic for late arrival, which mostly is untrue. We should always foresee traffic snarls and adjust accordingly. Sometimes, even flights or trains are missed, because of late starts. Imagine your condition, when you have to catch a flight or train, you have started from home on time, but because of the heavy traffic on way, vehicle is not only moving slow but appears to be moving slower. Result is that journey, which you should have enjoyed very much, becomes a nightmare in tension, anxiety and blaming one another. You wish, you had started fifteen minutes earlier. All the best to you for now, but in future start early.


Lost time, like spoken words or an arrow out of bow, cannot be retrieved. In the name of relaxing, entertainment and getting ‘cool’, it is pathetic to see youngsters, for hours on, sitting in the cafes over endless and expensive cups of coffee. Children getting addicted to TV serials or cartoons from a very young age. Young children getting addicted to reading romantically fictitious novels which create undue and impractical expectations from others. Wasting precious time, playing computer games. It’s all so common these days if time restrain.


Time wasted on things described above, can be put to good use in so many constructive options available these days. There are channels available on TV which can add value to our lives. As far reading novels, one can find lots of reading material to enhance your knowledge. Good parents always avoid children watching TV or restrict TV time. Worst is, that once such things get into the habit of a child, it is very difficult to get rid of such bad habits. People mistake these things for relaxation. No, that’s not so. Whatever, you repeatedly do, becomes a habit and irrespective of how good or bad it is, you would like it and it become habit forming.


Such activities are not only a waste of time at that time, but also later, when young impressionable minds keep thinking what they have seen or read, keep coming to their mind again and again. As such, they are unable to concentrate in their studies or other  constructive activities later.  Worst is, when parents lose the control over such activities of the children, they in fact, even start supporting them, as easy way out, since now, when children are grown up or independent, they can’t do anything.


Make a habit of ‘Getting up early’. Just imagine and calculate, the time you can save and put to productive use, if you get up, say an hour early every day. Results of such a small effort, when accumulated over long periods, can be astounding. Imagine the amount of time, we waste in a matter such as gossiping. Hours on end, we gossip endlessly and aimlessly.


Wisdom lies in utilizing every hour of our life, span of which no one knows, in most constructive ways, adding value to our lives and careers. There are 24 hours for everyone in a day. Those who make best use of these, are always ahead and remain ahead as long as they make good and constructive use of their time. Avoid so called leisure described above, since Biggest curse in life is unlimited leisure. `          



Time is a Great Healer.


Time is Life. It can neither be bought nor borrowed.


Time spent with the Children, is never wasted.


Time Discipline : Time for Everything.

 Everything on Time.


Time or words, once wasted or spoken,

 cannot be retrieved.

Nobody can manage time but you can manage those things that take up your time.


Time is expensive. We spend 80% of our time on those people or matters which generate only 20% returns.


Time is Perishable. It can’t be saved for later use.


Time is measurable. Everybody has the same amount of time, Pauper or King. No one knows how much time we have. Its how much we use.



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