Yes, Together We Can
by (Capt) Ravi K Mahajan


The Real Malady


Root cause of most of our maladies, our Outdated & Obsolete Valueless School Education System.

For any long term Improvement in our people or society  - Revamp the School Education first.


Most of the time, Newspapers make a sad reading these days. Instances of mind boggling corruption and greed, stealing away thousands of crores of rupees by high & mighty influential persons from the nation and putting them in numbered accounts in Foreign Safe Havens, mind boggling disparities in incomes, mindless pursuit of money and wealth without any moral or conscience, where only the end matters not the means, have become daily occurrence these days.  Ostentatious living & one-up-man-ship, without any regard for human dignity, values or consideration for others, has become a norm. Anyone who can, is in the grip of money making fever with no regard to propriety, ethics or morals.   


But just think over, who are all these perpetrators, indulging in such reprehensible acts. Most of them are politicians holding important portfolios, Bureaucrats, Senior Military officers and of course, Business Persons. Most of these perpetrators took years to reach where they are. In whatever profession, business or background these people came from, they all had one thing in common. They all went through School Education, between the age of four and fourteen years.


Any society is the reflection of what its members learnt at home or in schools, between the age of four and fourteen years. That is the most impressionable age, which every adult went through as a child. At that time, between four and fourteen years of age, a child should have been taught to be caring, to be disciplined, to be respectful and considerate to others, to shun greed, to take pride in his heritage and  country. During his upbringing, stress should have been laid on his character building and wisdom. Values, Morals and Ethics should have been taught as syllabus. Child could also have been taught to give away little of what he has and share it with others.


But, instead, we teach all those dry subjects, most of which would never help him in his life, except in few cases, when they go for higher studies. Almost entire courses, which are mugged with so much labour and time, are forgotten by the time the results are declared. If any one doubts my statement, then test those children scoring top grades, with fresh question papers from the same syllabus, after the exams, without preparation and see for yourself that they hardly remember much from what they have learnt during the year.  


True wealth of any nation is not its gold or diamonds, precious metals or oil reserves or foreign exchange reserves. True wealth of any country is its citizens, its human resource. Look at Japan and Germany, for example. Both the countries were almost annihilated and destroyed during Second World War. Japan is the only country in the world to have borne the brunt of two atomic bombs on its populations bringing untold miseries to its people.


But, where are both Germany and Japan now? They hardly have much reserves mentioned above or natural resources. Human resource is their main resource and reserve. A dedicated, disciplined, determined, responsible and caring citizenry with character of highest order, is their main resource and asset, on which these nations are built. Look at the instances of remarkable discipline, patience, acts of sacrifice from individual Japanese, being quoted by international media, during the recent earthquake & tsunami. Please read the lesson on ‘Discipline & Character’ again, to see how Japanese react to the natural calamities. Mind boggling, indeed.


I am sure their school education system and ours’ bear no resemblance. Our school education system is totally obsolete and outdated. Things which would have no bearing in children’s life, are mugged up day in and day out, but wisdom, character building, discipline, caring, responsibility etc. which we need every hour of the day in our lives, is never even mentioned. Because of the faulty, uncaring education system in place for years, we reap what we sow. We produce totally uncaring and irresponsible people and citizenry. What we see happening these days is, very much in tune with the system prevailing within families and schools.


Entire stress in our school education system, is on lucrative carrier building, to make maximum amount of money when the child grows up. In the exam based education system, difference of even one mark most of the time, makes lots of difference in carrier options. The whole scenario evokes only revulsion and pity for the children and their parents who, at times, are totally shaken when their children do not make the expected grades or pass competitive exams. Intention of each parent is that, somehow, their child should make the grade. When that does not happen, allegations, counter allegations, blame game and charges of favoritism and corruption, start.


Blame game is rampant these days. We blame the people for lack of common courtesy, rude behavior, being selfish and self centered, irresponsible and uncaring, being greedy and corrupt, and of course, undisciplined. When a child is born, he is like a clean slate on which anything can be written. It’s his upbringing and schooling, what makes him what he is. If he has never been taught good things which matter so much in life every day, how can we blame him. Please read the lesson on ‘Parenting & Childhood’ again, to know what we should do, but do not do.


To cite one example, many parents feel terribly let down by their siblings in later part of their lives, when the child they reared with so much affection and care, grows up and then his priorities, naturally, shift from his parents who brought him up, in spite of all the difficulties, to his own family. And then, they feel terribly neglected and uncared. Both are right in their own way. Very simple, this attitude of any adult is instilled in childhood. When as a child, an individual has only been taught to think nothing beyond his family, how do we blame him. He has never been taught to think of collective good, beyond individuality, then we have no right to blame him.


Nothing wrong if children are taught those subjects because, that’s what we call education. But we miss out on bigger things, things which are so important in making a family, society and a nation. School and Home, are two places where we learn everything as a child. At home, parents are the teachers to the children. Since, parents have been through the same education system, they know nothing and even care less of the values, morals and ethics.


Great spiritual scientist, Albert Einstein used to say, ‘the main purpose of education should be to bring morality in actions and subdue one’s ego’. And ‘not all that counts in life, can be counted and not all that can be counted, counts’. Winston Churchill, war time Prime minister of England, who lead the allied to victory,  used to say ‘First duty of a University is to teach Wisdom’. But to say or preach such things these days, would only make you an object of ridicule. Since everyone is the product of the same system, the children, parents or teachers alike, unless we are prepared to overhaul the entire system, nothing fruitful shall result.


Our education system should be so oriented that it should automatically produce disciplined, responsible and caring citizenry, which would result in Self Confident, Truthful and highly collectively motivated citizens. This is simple common sense. I am not an educationist, but know where things have gone terribly wrong. We cannot improve things with improved GDP alone. We all want Ram Rajya, but for that we have to bring in matching human resources, caring & responsible citizenry, which thinks of common good, not only ‘if I am OK, everyone is OK’. Whole nation has to exhibit unparalleled perseverance and patience. But, first requirement is to revamp our prevailing education system and change our focus from individuality to collectivity, from money and wealth generation to real education and wisdom, indiscipline to discipline, uncaring to caring, to rear persons of character.  


Dr.Arun Gandhi, grand son of Mahatma Gandhi, once shared the following story regarding truthfulness, non-violence and leading by self-example.


He says, “I was sixteen years old and living with my parents at the institute my grandfather, MK Gandhi had founded outside Durban, South Africa. I always looked forward to go to town to visit friends or for seeing movies.


One day, my father asked me to drive him to town for a conference and my mother gave me a list of groceries she needed. Since, I was to be in the town for the whole day, along with other chores, my father asked me to get the car also serviced from the garage. I dropped my father and both of us promised to return home together at 5 PM in the car. After hurriedly completing my chores, I went straight to the nearest movie theater. There was a John Wayne film, which I had been wanting to see and without a thought, bought a ticket to see the movie. The film ended at about 5.30 pm. By the time, I ran to the garage and got the car and hurried to where my father was waiting for me, it was almost 6 pm.


My father had been waiting for me since 5 PM. He politely asked me, “Why were you so late?” I was ashamed of telling him that I got late because of the movie. Instead, I told him, “The car was not ready, so I had to wait at the garage.” But my father had already called up the garage and knew that car was ready on time. He could make out that I was lying. My father simply told me, “There was something wrong in the way I brought you up, that didn’t give you the confidence to tell me the truth. In order to figure out where I went wrong bringing you up, I am going to walk home 18 miles and think about it.


So, dressed in his suit and shoes, he began to walk home in the dark unlit road. I could not leave him. So, for five and half hours, I drove behind him, watching my father go through this agony for a stupid lie that I had uttered. Then and there, I decided that henceforth in my life, I am never going to lie again.


I often, think about this episode and wonder, if he had punished me the way, we punish our children, whether I would have learnt the same lesson at all? In all probabilities, I would have suffered the punishment and would have gone on doing the same thing. But this single non-violent action was so powerful that it is still as if it happened yesterday. That is the “Power of Non-Violence”.


Readers are advised to read the lesson on ‘Childhood and Parenting’ in this book and couple it with following ‘Value Based Education System’ and see what sort of citizenry would emerge out. I suggest following curriculum to be introduced in our school education system all, over the country;


A Proud Indian:

‘Take pride in whatever you do.’ This must be the first lesson taught to the children from an early age. We should always take pride in ourselves, our Nation, Culture, Heritage and in our Work. We have enough things to be proud of. We must capitalize on them. A proud citizen has least chance of indulging in activities detrimental to our image as a nation.  A proud Indian is the most important asset of our nation. 



No Society or Nation in the world has achieved outstanding success without disciplined citizens. Take any armed forces in the world. First thing taught to them is discipline.  Please do not mistake that in a democracy, we cannot have discipline as citizens are free to do things as they please. In fact, it is because of self-imposed discipline, that democracy works successfully. Take the case of all enlightened western democracies, where people are inherently self-disciplined. Discipline must be taught and enforced in the right spirit from tender age in schools.


Importance of discipline in ones’ life can’t be over emphasized. Its collective impact on nation building can be seen through history.  England, a small tiny hamlet in Western Europe, is able to conquer almost half of the world, by sheer discipline and tenacity of their people, which results in Disciplined Armed and Naval forces, through which English were able to attain supremacy. Germany, during the first and Second World wars, dreams of conquering the entire world by the discipline power, they are able to inculcate in their populations and armed forces.  Japan & Germany have become industrial powerhouses by sheer discipline. In these countries, right from the beginning, children are encouraged to put in long hours of productive work in their chosen fields, in most disciplined manner.


Unfortunately in our country, children do not know what is discipline, neither is it ever seriously enforced. Discipline should form the part of our Academic Curriculum and should be taught and enforced right from the beginning.


Character Building:

Another very important aspect of a responsible citizen. It means, to always chose the right path instead of easier way out.  There is no harm in making money, but the attitude should be, by rightful means. There should be lessons that paying taxes is important for nation building. A mindset against giving and accepting bribe, must start from the formative years. The present day attitude, that only the end matters, not the means, must go. Unfortunately, in the present materialistic set up, no one ever talks or teaches character-building. And if you do, you are laughed at. There is pressing need for the teachers not only to cover the curriculum but also instill in the children, a proper value system for life. She should be able to create a culture of compassion, understanding and collectivity in the child, not like the present system which makes the child totally selfish and self-centered, thinking only of their growth and progress. Education system should inspire the children to become responsible and responsive to the society’s needs.


Road Discipline:    

A very important aspect of present day life. Because, most of our cities are unplanned, not much can be done to improve the infrastructure like roads and other civic amenities. With population, both of humans and vehicles increasing at an alarming rate, what will be the condition of our road traffic in another five or may be ten years, can be visualized. Solution lies in people adhering to Road Rules, Discipline and Road Safety. Children must be taught about these, right from the beginning, so that when they grow up, they are disciplined road users, rather than like the present day lot. Unless the children who will be using these roads, inherently are road disciplined, chaos on the roads will be unimaginable and unmanageable in future. Not a distant future, but foreseeable future, of say, ten years.


Joining the Defense Forces:

In our anxiety to make money by whatever means, parents want their children to take only lucrative courses, which will enable them to earn huge amounts of money as soon as they have finished the courses. How many of us have any close relatives in defense forces? Hardly any. The children do not join the forces, specially the officer cadre, because they do not want to go through tough defense training and life. The result is that very few talented and bright students are joining the defense forces.


Incidentally, the world-wise scenario of the defense forces is changing with a lightning speed. Forces have become more and more compact and technology oriented. More and more hitech weapons and communication systems are being introduced. In such a scenario, numbers do not matter at all.  It is the quality of machines and men behind them, only matter. A small determined and committed force equipped with latest weapons, can play havoc with force much larger in numbers.


Answer to this situation does not lie in making the forces more attractive money wise.  The real answer lies in grooming the children from a very young and tender age that they should be keen to join any of the defense forces and serve the nation. Forces must find pride of place in the life of nation all through, not only at the time of crisis. Defense officers must be invited to address the children in the schools so that when they pass out of school, many children would be keen to emulate those officers. We cannot leave defense of our country in the hands of those, who join the Forces because they could not get a job elsewhere.  Seriousness of this point cannot be over emphasized. If we take this point lightly, repercussions may be extremely serious in future. This is specially so, when we have nuclear power mad neighbor who, often, threatens to use the nuclear weapons, directly or indirectly. Shabby treatment meted out to forces, is reprehensible and only displays our civilian leadership’s and bureaucratic immaturity and callus attitude about serious defense matters by the nation as a whole.


Service to Society:

During our lifetime, we get so much from society. Our Education, Environment, Social Status, Money to sustain ourselves and our families, Entertainment, Security and so many other things.   It is our pious duty to pay back whenever we can. This should not be an option, but should be mandatory in children’s minds. Children, right from the beginning, must be taught and they must grow up with the sense of gratitude to society and nation that it is the society and the nation, which has provided them so much and when the time comes, they must pay back when they are in a position to do so. In our country, most of the education, be at School level, College/ University level, IIT / IIM level, is subsidized by the Govt. and exchequer, of which we are all contributors.


These days many young people start earning unimaginable amount of money, as soon as they finish their courses. As they do not feel any debt to society, major part of the money is simply blown away without any guilty feeling. Or worse still, they leave the country for greener pastures abroad without even a shade of guilt. If that person want the same education and have to fully pay for it, he would have to pay through his nose in lacs, which they often do, when they go for higher studies abroad.


Visits to Hospitals, Orphanages, old age homes and slums, must be organized as a part of School curriculum.  They should be encouraged to do social service in such places, so that, they grow up to become more caring citizens. They must be encouraged to realize that poor and uncared, are also part of our society and it is their duty and responsibility to look after them. In schools, elder children must be encouraged to take care of the smaller children and specific junior classes may be taken by senior children, to give them a feel of their responsibility, caring, sympathetic attitude and duty towards their juniors and society as such. Perverted and sadistic ragging in colleges, which may result in the murder or killing of students in sheer frustration and helplessness, is only the result of our casual attitude towards human life, which has become a norm in most of us. It is so because we were never taught about caring for others in our schools.


Care / Respect for other Religions and Cultures:

In a multi religious, multi caste and multi culture society like ours, it is very important that right from the beginning, children are taught religious tolerance and respect for other faiths. Unfortunately, in our country, because of inbuilt religious and caste tensions, a small insignificant matter becomes a big issue and results in lots of bloodshed and property loss. Children must be taught that the religion is a personal matter and they must respect other religions and faiths. Inter-religion / faith meets must be encouraged in the schools, which would result in more tolerant society. Instead of giving full holidays on religious festivals, all religion festivals should be celebrated by all the children in schools and serious bonhomie should be created within various religions and faiths.


Why we are communally divided even after six decades of independence?  Why are we so communally sensitive, that any small incidence somewhere, transforms into riots, bloodshed, and loss of property? There are two main reasons. Unscrupulous politics and distorted /doctored history, which we teach & feed the impressionable minds of children with. All the communally sensitive matters in history must be scraped from the text books. It is not at all necessary that such events and matters are taught to the children to poison their minds for ever. Our Education system should not become pawn in the hands of unscrupulous politicians and political parties. As soon as there is a change of government, political parties must be refrained from changing the text books or syllabus. We must have laws to that context. Unscrupulous politicians should not be allowed to play with the future of children and education system. It’s together we have to live in this world. That’s the only way, human race can survive. Future generations who will inhabit this planet, must be taught this through the education system, in no uncertain terms. Only way we can survive is by being together.


Lectures and talks on spirituality should be encouraged in the schools, so that children are better prepared to meet future challenges in life. Core of the future generation should be strong and strength of core comes from strong fundamentals, such as amiability, cooperation, truthfulness, trust, being helpful and kind, collective thinking and not from individual thinking, selfish motives, ostentatious & pretentious living, distrust and deceit.


Seeking Employment / Generating Employment:

Current Mindset in our Children, right from their formative years, encouraged by parents, is for the Children to study hard to get a good job.  Unfortunately, entire stress is on seeking employment while the same child, if encouraged right from the beginning, can think in terms of being self-employed, opening some small business through which he can give employment to many other people like him.  We have to get rid of fear Psychosis generated in children’s mind that everything will be lost for them, if they are not able to get a suitable job.  We have seen from past experience and there are many examples that many of initial job seekers, who ventured out as job creators, have been very successful. Children, right from the beginning, must be encouraged to take initiative and calculated risks, not lead a secure life of no risk and no adventure or curiosity.


Leadership Training:

Even when a child is small, leadership training should form a part of Class Room curriculum, in which children must be encouraged to take on leadership responsibilities, so that they can think of becoming leaders in their chosen fields, rather than followers. Inspiring stories of various world leaders who brought about changes in the world order should form part of the curriculum. Lesson on ‘Leadership’ should be read and instilled in the young minds.


This also entails Public Speaking and Communication Skills. It is a common sight to see grown up, otherwise very talented persons, totally petrified when asked to deliver a lecture or address a gathering. This happens because they have never practiced public speaking, which is so essential for personality development. In classrooms, children must be encouraged to have group discussions and problem solving on models, creating various hypothetical situations. Children must also be encouraged to become good team persons and habit of co-operation must be encouraged in them. They must know that only when they co-operate with others, others would co-operate with them. Japanese are master in the art of team work and have excelled in this art which is also exhibited in their national character.


Man Management:

Human Resource Development has slowly developed into an area where achievements can outstrip the inputs.  How to handle men or workers under you and how to extract their best, should become part of school curriculum, so that when these children take over any profession when they grow up, they know handling men is an art from which they can draw great benefits.


Money Management / Habit of Saving:

These days it is seen that immediately after doing a course or IIT / IIM or after doing their Graduation or Post Graduation, they get huge unimaginable salaries and at times are flush with money which they do not know how to handle.  Unfortunately, most part of it is wasted on unproductive and wasteful expenses, such as eating in expensive hotels, buying expensive clothes or other items of luxury, which does not add any value in life and money is simply frittered away in show off & one-up-man-ship attempts.


Instead, Children must be encouraged to the habit of saving right from the beginning and should be encouraged to save a fixed amount every month and not whatever is left over.  How to manage their money or earnings, must become a part of Class Room curriculum.


Traditional Values: 

Anybody can see these days, that unabashed ostentatious culture has come to stay, which is encouraged through advertisements in the media by big business houses and young people are being encouraged to ape the only modified unhealthy parts of Western culture whether it is dress or eating habits. Blatant show off of money and status, should be looked down upon. Children should be encouraged to have courage of conviction and should be upright when any one indulges in such activities detrimental to our social fiber. It was very heartening that couple of years back children in Delhi Schools were advised not to burst crackers because of child labor being used in their manufacture and also harm to the environment caused by the gases generated by the crackers. Since, then children in Delhi would not only burst crackers themselves but also stress upon others not to do so. Since, this practice was not enforced anywhere else, people burst crackers, to the detriment of the environment.


Respect / Care for Elders:

When one is young, he does not think that one day, he will also be like aged people around. Elders in many households are despised and even insulted. Worse still, they live the life of solitude and loneliness with, at times, none of the many children are prepared to take care of parents. Life is virtual hell when one of the parent dies. We can only stop such unspeakable cruelty towards old people, when children, from very young age, are instilled upon caring and sense of responsibility and humane treatment to be meted out to the elders not as a favour but as their right. Children should be taught in no uncertain terms that if they treat their parents shabbily, they could also be meted out with the same kind of treatment by their children when they grow old. A society, where respect for elders is absent, stinks.


Inculcating  healthy habits: 

Number of serious ailments in later part of life result from years of neglect and compounding effect of leading a lethargic life in early age. Most of such ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary diseases, Asthmatic Conditions, Obesity etc. are all preventable, if proper life style is lead when one is young. Habit of over-eating, eating junk foods and fried stuffs, smoking and drinking heavily, getting used to eating salt rich diets, are common when young. But, these create lots of problems as one grows old. Children from their impressionable age, must be taught to indulge in regular exercise, limit the intake of junk foods, fried stuffs and salt and should be encouraged to lead a healthy life style.  In our country, the future scenario of people suffering from diabetes and heart diseases is really frightening. This catastrophe of our major population suffering from such diseases can only be avoided, if children are taught and encouraged to indulge in healthy living, healthy eating and regular exercise from the young age. Readers will be surprised to know that no junk food, fried items or aerated drinks are served in school canteens in Singapore, but here in our country, what to talk of school canteens, even hospital canteens are full of such unhealthy snacks, which doctors forbid the patients to eat but in hospital canteens, nothing else is available.


Habit of Self-Improvement:

Right from the beginning, children should be encouraged to read hundreds of books available on self-improvement. How to face life and be successful in the real sense? They must be discouraged to waste money and time on reading fictions, which can only do them harm and are no good. Improving one’s personality on the following points should be part of curriculum:


1.    Having a definite aim in life.

2.    Attitude of positive thinking.

3.    Burning desire to excel in their chosen field.

4.    Imagination.

5.    Organized Planning.

6.    Concentration.

7.    Decision-making. 

8.    Persistence.

9.    How to get over imaginative Fears.

10.  Building of Self-Confidence

Often, parents are heard saying that we want to give our children all the luxuries, which we could not afford. Things like A/C buses and AC classrooms would only make the children soft, simply not prepared to face tough things in life and for such children I do not see much hope after their parents have become inactive.  An Army saying “More you sweat in peace, less you bleed in war.” is most appropriate and thought provoking for raising children during childhood. Education in making them tough to face various life situations must start from the child’s formative years. Soft attitudes as providing them all possible comforts, simply because you can afford them, are detrimental for the very interest of children, whom we swear to care most. It is only after one has gone through all the tough experiences, one becomes a tough person to rough it out with any situation confidently. Army training is one such example, tough you train the cadets, tougher they become to face various life adversities and win over them.


Our School Education system should not be merely academic or abstract. It should aim at making student to cope up with life situations, which lie ahead, adequately and appropriately. The education system was created by the British more than a hundred years ago to create budding clerks and lower level officers which they needed to run the government. The system only produces robots who can do things, as programmed. Intellect and knowledge might have increased but critical faculties such as taking initiative, truthfulness, values, morals, sympathy, sense of belonging are missing.


Look at number of schools, colleges, universities and other institutions selling education like hot cakes. You invest today, reap in few years, many times over your investment. Knowledge definitely has spread which, ultimately, gets converted to money and material. Our education system is producing only insensitive lifeless robots without an iota of sensibilities of which life is full of. The joint family system which provided the old and infirm respect and security, after their productive years, has broken down mostly. Result is, you see a number of old age people languishing alone, living a totally insecure life, simply waiting to die with nothing in life to look forward to. Intolerance levels have increased in every field. Respect is only of those who have money. Home feasts or social visits, which were the mainstay of families and socializing, have been taken over by ‘eating out’ phenomenon, a culture which earlier was luxury, have not become routine. Even close relatives are hardly invited at home. You meet only during marriages or at cremation ground.


Nation building is character building, but it has gone into us that we can build a strong nation on the strength of high GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Drive for money with total disregard to propriety, has made entire society heartless and shameless. Because of the insensitive and valueless education system, it has gone into people’s mind that if you have money, you need not have anything else, values, morals, ethics, manners, respect, relationships or feelings which differentiate humans from animals. Mindless pursuit of money, wealth and power, has resulted into the society inhabited by people who are impatient, irritable, disrespectful, characterless without self-discipline or self-control.


Imagine a driver shooting with pistol, the toll employee who asked him to pay toll, people indulging in infanticide of the female fetus indiscriminately, a crime indulged by the doctors, who are supposed to save lives, Judges who are supposed to uphold the law, indulging in corruption and accepting bribes from litigants or doctors unnecessarily, asking patients to go for diagnostic tests, because they would get almost half of the money as commission paid by the patients to the labs. And our money oriented ethic and valueless education system has made these people so stubborn that their conscience never pricks doing all these unspeakable horrors against their own lesser human beings. People laugh at you if you talk of these things.

Present education system was introduced sometime in mid nineteenth century, which makes it more than 150 years old. Chalkboard was introduced in US Education system in 1801. How must things and the world has changed since? But we still continue with the system which is worthless, valueless and obsolete. Rot in society is basically because, since, no one, including teachers or parents know anything better, children do not have access to anything better, inspiring or motivating or really educative. Children are forced to think in terms of careers from a very young age, mostly almost same old classrooms with black or white boards, same text books, same exam system and marking. Without any regards for inherent talent of the child, they are put through various courses or degrees, by parents whose only concern is to see their children making lots of money when they grow up with total disregards to everything else.

Unfortunately, for a child, there is no one to look to for guidance because both parents and teacher, to whom they would look for guidance, are the product of the same rotten system. Most school managements and parents are simply not interested in bringing any reforms, which are absolutely necessary for things to change. There is no wisdom in our prevalent education system, only information which is lost immediately after the exams are over and marks scored. I have tried to talk about the rotten system and its continuance, with many school managements but no one seems to be interested, since they make money only through the continuance of this rotten, outdated and obsolete education system, which was introduced by the English to create clerks for running East India Company.


Through this system, we, no doubt, are producing clerk grade persons only, but they are holding all sorts of high responsible posts for which, understandably, they are not competent. Being in majority, they take refuge in corruption, inefficiency, lethargy, and disobedience. Whole scenario is very unfortunate and hopeless, but its continuance cannot be challenged since the beneficiaries only are there to form the rules and run the government. Though medical seats in government colleges, are most sought after and are the first preference of most of the meritorious students scoring 98% or 99% marks, as per a news report, 40% of these students, fail in their first tests in the first year in the medical college. This is just a small example to gauge, how inadequate is our education system.


Various governments run by the politicians, have not done anything to change the education system, because its continuance suits the interest of politicians, since if people are intelligent, can think of their long term good or bad, or are empowered by the reformed education system, people would definitely not going to vote for the type of politicians who come to power and play with the life of people. It suits them if people are ignorant, fearful of change and cannot think differently and intelligently.

We should guide the children and pass on our experiences to them and while doing that, we should see that children’s future is safe and we are able to inculcate and pass off good habits in them. We should not think of their present comforts and luxuries. If we are their well-wishers, we should encourage them to lead a life, in which they cannot say at a later date, that our parents did not pass off their experiences. As parents, as teachers, it is our duty, to ensure that present day children, who would be taking over from us, are fully fit, both physically and mentally and they too can pass on the baton to the succeeding generations.


Education does not mean closed door academic education as a mean for money making only. Education must be holistic, value based, morals, ethics, care, discipline, responsibility and such that the children, when they grow up, should be able to imbibe the above mentioned qualities and then, pass them on to the generations to follow. Education system should be such that it instills both mental and physical toughness in the children to meet life’s challenges successfully. And remember my words, I do not mean to sound alarmist but the times which are coming, would be successfully faced by those who have had a tough upbringing, both physically and mentally. Children are our future, future of this country. It is only through holistic education when they, instinctively think of collective good, not the individual good only. They can change things for good and make this world a better place to live. Why better place. A livable place. We must remember here that during Evolution, only those species which lived in groups, collectively survived, better than those who were loners or thought only about themselves. Only with such an education system, which instills in children to think about collective good, would make our future generations live safely in this world.




Osho: Real Education will not teach you to compete; it will teach you to co-operate. It will not teach you to fight and come first. It will teach you to be creative; to be loving, blissful, without any comparison with the other. It will not teach you that you can be happy only when you are the first.

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