Yes, Together We Can
by (Capt) Ravi K Mahajan



Human Mind is behind everything you see. It’s job is to Think, which can be done when it’s cool, calm, tranquil and at PEACE.


Or Mind at Peace. It is said ‘Mind is everything. We become what we think’. Human mind or brain is the only God-given thinking mechanism in this world. It is only through Human thought process, which happens through our mind, that world has become what it is today. It is only Human mind which has made Human species, the lord and master of this planet earth.


Whatever we see all around us, was at one time or the other, only a thought or idea in Human mind. All these scientific innovations, gadgets, luxuries, buildings, huge aircrafts, luxury ships, super computers, everything, was an idea, which developed in Human mind and then it was shaped into what we see it today and use it for our benefit or destruction. It was human mind, which saw the vast potential of hidden energy in an atom. We can use it both ways, for peace, such as the cheapest source of energy for human good and development as well as war, in the shape of atomic bomb and other destructive war material. Needless to add that it is human mind, which is behind everything we see.


Naturally, the human mind which does so much for human race, should be at peace because it is only when we are at peace, we progress. We cannot progress when our mind is not peaceful, in turmoil or stressful. If our mind is under stress, we shall always think negatives only. And like human body, human mind can also do only one thing at a time. Negative begets negative. To imagine that a negative mind can do anything positive, is just a wishful thinking.


So peace and harmony of mind in a tranquil atmosphere, to function at its optimum level, is extremely important for you. Peace of mind makes life worth living and leads you to happiness which, in fact, is the ultimate aim of human existence. There is no happiness in life without peace of mind. Lasting peace and happiness are there very much within us, regardless of the disturbance and turmoil outside. We only have to be at peace with ourselves and with our near and dear ones, to get that blissful feel of peace and happiness.

Deep sense of inner peace will be felt by us, when we make a difference for good to the world, where we are living. Peace of mind does not come from acquiring great fortune, wealth or splendor. It will come from being good, doing good and remaining cool irrespective of what the provocations or circumstances are. The mind is efficient only when it is cool not hot. Peace of mind is the manifestation of sincere altruism, love, empathy, contentment and compassion, and elimination of ignorance, selfishness and greed, which are the main road blocks to inner peace, happiness and tranquility.


Peace of mind can both be easiest and most difficult thing to have. Even a sincere smile from known or unknown, a touch of hand with love or a small courtesy, can bring us both peace and happiness. While on the other hand, when we lose temper, are in anger and start shouting, we ourselves are the biggest loser, because by losing out to our emotions, we have poisoned our mind, lost our cool and have made ourselves an object of ridicule and despise in front of others, both elders as well as younger ones.


We should know that at the heart of every cyclone tearing the sky, is a place of central calm. The cyclone derives its devastating power from a calm center. And that also is true of human beings. You can also derive all your power and effectiveness by being calm, compose and remaining resolutely undisturbed all the time.  A life with a peaceful center, can weather all storms and develop great strength. Peace is also in the Silence, which has great power.


Thoreau, the great analyst of human mind as he was, once said ‘Most men live lives of quiet desperation’. If that was so, so long ago, what will be the condition of human mind now. We live life of ‘quiet desperation’, by choice not by compulsion. We can live to be happy, joyful and serene by involving ourselves with other God’s creations, not living in our own shell, with our physical pleasures and material possessions. Unfortunately, because of our own weak mind, we start thinking and believing that this is the best, what we can have from life. But it is a hallucination created by our own weak mind and the environment we live in and this illusion does not let us come out of it.


It is the familiarity factor which keeps us back, does not let us enjoy the life’s true bliss, tranquility and happiness, which comes with Peace and Solitude. Familiarity is when we get used to the way we have been living, being familiar with it. Even when it is no good and is an obstruction to our happiness, we like to live like that because we are familiar with it.


Just before you start your day, spend at least half an hour in solitude, in total silence in a corner of your house or the nearby park. Just block your mind for half an hour from the outside world and concentrate only on your deep breath. Observe the difference in your attitude, behavior, outlook and the intrinsic feeling of attaining great inner strength and calm, which will automatically be developed in a few days of this regular routine. You will feel greatly empowered with remarkable difference with this simple act. To attain that bliss called peace, you must be quiet. This ‘quiet’ does not mean that be only silent, but make your mind quiet, devoid of those usual materialistic thought process. First empty your mind of those dreadful routine thoughts. When this profound silence is attained by emptying your mind of the usual regular thought process, enjoy the bliss of an empty mind. Then slowly start filling that empty mind with pure calm positive thoughts. Do it slowly, do it daily, improve upon the procedure and you will experience and enjoy your original nature, benevolence, experience compassion, serenity and tranquility, which you might never experience or feel otherwise. Whole procedure would strengthen and fortify your inner self, your inner being, because this is your original state, with which God sent you to this world. You are enjoying this state, because with this kind of bliss and inner contentment only, you came out of your mother’ womb, into this world. This is your original state.


Unfortunately, current trend and lifestyle, which seems to have come to stay, does not help us to have something, which is so badly needed by everyone, that is the peace of mind and tranquil stress-free living. Lack of inner peace manifests us into so many other physical ailments most of which are directly or indirectly related to psyche and soul, not the physical body. Taking strong drugs for treatment of such lifestyle related ailments, creates more problems. This is akin to using a sword, where only a small needle will work.


Most of the lessons in this book, if applied religiously and honestly on yourself, will work. The approach to mission PEACE OF MIND has to be holistic and whole hearted rather than half hearted. Emotional self management or self control, which is discussed at length in another lesson, is one answer. Mindless pursuit of money and power has to be relinquished. In fact, nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Anxiety, fear, emotional disturbance, envy, anger, loss of temper etc. are self caused problems mainly related to our inner self. The solution lies within us only. Remember, true peace is a quality you carry within yourself, regardless of the circumstances.


Finally, if you do not give any place within yourself to emotional irritants such as hate, envy, anxiety, mindless pursuit of wealth and power, fear, resentment, complaints, or one-up-man-ship etc., you will always have inner peace and tranquility of mind. Adopt an attitude of Gratitude and Thanks living. Express your Gratitude profusely for any service rendered by any one. God has given you such a wonderful gift, that is making you what you are. And if you don’t like this precious gift, you can’t blame God for that. You only have to blame yourself, because you have made yourself miserable by your conduct and faults. Read this lesson right from the beginning, once again and see what changes you can bring in yourself, to enjoy the divine bliss of peace of mind and happiness.


One more thing. What about Forgiveness? May be you have been carrying the weight of others’ grudges in your life and mind. Do you find it difficult to forgive others for their perceived faults and wrongs, you think they have done to you? Long ago someone did something wrong to you or may be you thought, insulted you? If answer to the above questions is ‘yes’ and you feel tense, stressful, revengeful with a deep sense of hurt and been wronged, then, perhaps, only God can help you. But that also does not appear to be very much feasible, since God is a busy person having to look after five billion complaining humans and billions of other species, who are always happy in whatever condition they are.


He sent you as the most wonderful person to this world, to enjoy a stress-free, peaceful, happy life. But instead, you have made your life miserable by false pride, ego, misplaced sense of self importance, by not Forgiving others. Then you have only yourself to be blamed. So dear reader, get out of that false imaginary trap, by forgiving others and thus making yourself lighter by many tons of extra baggage you have been carrying needlessly. Make a Resolution right now. FORGET, FORGIVE AND MOVE ON WITH THIS WONDERFUL GOD’S GIFT, THAT IS LIFE.


Everyone without exception is looking for peace of mind. All your material wealth, prosperity, social status, success, achievements, awards and honour, amounts to nothing but mirages if one is not at peace within. For achieving that peace, you have to work as above, not go as others tell you or what others are doing. Your peace is your personal domain. As Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said ‘Peace is the innate quality of mind. To acquire it, one need go nowhere. As gold and silver are hidden under the earth, peace and joy is also lying hidden in the cavities of the mind. Those desirous of acquiring these hidden treasures, have to dive within….’.


Once you attain that Bliss called Peace of Mind by the above methods and from other lessons in this book, you will feel your mind has cooled and have become more efficient. Purpose of the mind is to think, which it can do best when it is cool not hot. Quality of your thinking power improves tremendously, when you think with a cool mind. It becomes power packed. You will find it easy to handle crisis situations very efficiently with a cool mind. You will become a trouble shooter for your organization with immense potential. Make a resolution not to react to any situation immediately. Take your time. Exhibit calmness and confidence from outside but put your mind on thinking mode, at once. Be fair, honest, totally unbiased, speak gently, never lose temper, have faith in God and yourself, and be patient and remain calm.


Finally, I would recommend you to go through the above lesson and the lesson on ‘Happiness’ & ‘Patience’ again & again, till you apply most of these principles on yourself as well on others, your near and dear ones. It has been my experience in life that Peace of Mind is very important to everyone, who wants to live a life of bliss, joy, cheer, effectiveness and is prepared to bring in much needed easy changes in himself and develop a totally positive attitude to life. Since, your peace is lying within you, to connect with that peace, spend some time in a quiet corner thinking of nothing, concentrate on your breath, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, giving, forgiving and helping and see how much at peace you are. Once you have Peace of Mind, you can definitely live more effectively for others to follow you. As such, it is easy to become their role model.                                    





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