Yes, Together We Can
by (Capt) Ravi K Mahajan



Even with little, you are Rich, if you are Grateful.

Even with plenty, you are Poor, if you aren’t Grateful.


A person with gratitude on his lips and heart, is always happy, while on the other hand, a person who is ever complaining, generates only misery for himself and for those around him. An Attitude of Gratitude, makes yours an enriched and fulfilling life, full of happiness and satisfaction. Hence, if you want universal blessings showered on you, your family, children, friends, make Gratitude an integral part of your life and always be on the lookout for any opportunity for expressing gratitude, thanks, sincere appreciation or spontaneous compliments. Such an attitude of yours will elevate you in others’ eyes and would make you immensely happy. Gratitude is just one more form of love and affection, which fills your own heart and mind with happiness and satisfaction.


A heart full of Gratitude, need not go in search of Abundance.  Abundance will always follow him. Gratitude is a great negativity buster, but it requires repeated expressions. Those people who are always Complaining, Criticizing, Fault-finding, Ever-Dissatisfied, Discontented, Restless, Frustrated, an expression of Gratitude is always a reassuring antidote for them.  Often, people get bowed down with negative effects of comparison and thus tend to ignore the good things they have in life. For example, we tend to compare our incomes with others, house we live in, qualities and physical beauty of our spouses or ability of our children. Such unnecessary and uncalled for comparisons, would invariably generate negative feelings of inferiority complex in such people. When you do that, you always tend to look down on yourself and your achievements in life.


But when you are feeling or expressing Gratitude, it mitigates the negative effects of comparison. Ever present, strong feelings of Jealousy / envy in all of us, can only be countered by feeling and expressing Gratitude. We cannot go on expressing Gratitude to God for His Kindness and what all He has given us, and also feel jealous of someone, who has been blessed by the same God, with more than us. Feeling and expression of Gratitude is like a shield against most of our negative emotions. So the best thing in life, is to keep our mind filled with Strong, Powerful emotions of Gratitude, to repel all negative emotions entering our mind. 


Gratitude also attracts whole range of positive thoughts, emotions and attitude. Hence, always focus on developing an attitude of Gratitude towards your Parents, Family, Society, Country and God which will be of Great Help to repel the negative emotions such as Jealousy, Comparison, Envy, Hatred and Inferiority Complex. Same attitude of Gratitude, helps us get over our negative sentiments, often generated by comparison. I would even say that Gratitude attracts money and makes you rich both materially as well as spiritually. It adds to your feel good factor, which is a very desirable thing to happen to everyone.


How Gratitude attracts money is easy to foresee. If you are a person of humility and gratitude, people will find you easy to get along, a very likeable, least stingy and very vibrant person. Whether you are doing a job, profession or business, people like you or the business you are running, will attract more and more people and shall be in great demand. Business or profession is not only money, it is mainly the relationship and a person of gratitude and humility denotes sincerity and honesty, qualities which are not very easily found, but universally liked and appreciated. Such a person is always in a better position to form meaningful relationships helping his business and profession tremendously. Try this logic any day. Express Gratitude and watch yourself prosper and grow.


Because, a person with Gratitude is close to God, every religion in the world advises us to be grateful not only to God, but to His creatures, through whom God helps us. In Islam, it is Shukrana which brings us Blessings from heaven, in Parsis, it’s called Meher, in Hindus, it’s Dhanyabad, in Sikhism, thanksgiving to the reverend Gurus, it’s through Langar or Community Kitchen,  which are run with great reverence by the devotees. So, always make it a point to express Gratitude to God and His creations for the goodies and mercies and also for the ‘bad’ times, through which He strengthens you to face the future problems and adversities of life, which are normal part of everyone’s life.

But as a recipient, we should not make ourselves addicted to expression of Gratitude from others, for whatever we have done for them. Normally, we like it when somebody expresses his Thanks and Gratitude, for whatever we have done for him but we should not make it a point that, if expression of Gratitude is not received by us, then we would not feel happy. Receipt of Gratitude or expression of Gratitude by others towards us, should not become the sole motivating factor for us to do good.


Gratitude is normally expressed in many ways, through the eyes or saying ‘Thank you’. Many times, we have a feeling of Gratitude towards the help rendered, but are not able to express the same in conventional manner. So, just say ‘Thank you’ and make it your favorite world. When you say ‘Thank you’, recipient always feels good about it and his morale is up. He feels high and in future also, he would do anything for you, if you have adequately thanked him for the services rendered.  Hence, whenever possible, always grab an opportunity to vehemently thank and express Gratitude loudly and clearly, because silent Gratitude or Gratitude not adequately expressed, is not of much use to anyone. Feeling gratitude and not expressing, is like wrapping a gift for someone, but not giving it. 


In life, when you look back, there is so much to be grateful about. It was some divine intervention that you got the biggest lottery to get this life. You are the lucky one in 700,00,00,000 (700 Million).  The sperm which fused in your mother’s womb is you, leaving out 699,99,99,999 which were wasted. Your mother went through great pains and anxiety to give birth to you. Then she took full care of you in spite of her so many difficulties and pains. Then your father or mother jointly provided you with everything you needed and gave you the best of education they could afford. Your teachers gave you education and knowledge with which to support yourself and family.


When you were ill, your doctor treated you to get well. Your friends have given you the best of times and enjoyment. Your colleague or your employees, have given you best of support and co-operation, so that you can become what you are. Even the house-maid, which helps out with the household chores, is also someone to be grateful about since, she makes your life so much easy and comfortable. Even if you are paying for the services rendered still, the expression of gratitude is more than due from you and must always be expressed vehemently.


Your society and country has given you an identity and sense of belonging. And now, after having won the cherished world cup, our cricket heroes deserve an expression of gratitude from you to bring the long awaited victory and world cup to our country after 28 long years. The list is endless. Won’t you like to express your gratitude to God, your Parents, Teachers, Friends and everyone, who has given you such a wonderful and meaningful life to live. You have to express gratitude, not because all these people want to hear your gratitude but, because expressing gratitude makes you happy.  


Often, people only want good to happen to them. Since life has to have both sunny and cloudy weather, where bad or cloudy weather will go? So we should accept both good and the bad as part of life and accept them with Gratitude to live a life of love, peace, harmony, contentment and happiness. Life’s enrichment lies in embracing all God’s creation, not only our close family and friends. Do use your wealth to elevate yourself, but also use a part of it for others who are also the part of His creation. Always be Thankful to Him that He has empowered you with all the richness, resources, a generous heart and made you a conduit between Him and the receiver. Life full of Gratitude is the life worth living. When you live that way, other virtues will automatically come along with the most important factor in life, the feel of contentment touching soothingly your heart and mind.


Another important factor in life is, how should you react, when someone compliments you for your dress, the way you are looking, for the help or service rendered or so many other things for which the other person feeling good, wants to express gratitude for what you have done for him. Often, people do not respond properly as they do not know how to respond. So when complimented, a sincere THANK YOU is the only correct response.


When somebody is being appreciative of you, never generate a negative feeling in your mind. Always feel good about it and tell yourself that you deserved the appreciation. Unfortunately, some people have a very negative attitude towards anything good happening or being said, and tend to ignore the good points but they are, often, very critical of anything bad and notice it immediately and express negative opinion about it in no time. But the same person, would ignore the good things and never express appreciation or gratitude for that.


Where ever you are, whatever the situation, whomsoever it may be, an enthusiastic ‘THANK YOU’ exhilarates and sound bells in the heart of the recipient. So never hold yourself back. Grab the opportunity to say Thank You enthusiastically. Be appreciative of what you see good, someone has made you feel good or has served you for your enjoyment. These two words THANK and YOU are the magic words and must be the parting words where ever you might have been. Express them often and just add to others’ feel good factor, earn goodwill for only good will prevail in your life.


Let it be ingrained in your habit to express Gratitude and Thanks for anything and everything. And there are things aplenty to do that. Just think. This world in present state, things and gadgets of comfort and luxury, millions of technical innovations, an organized, secure and peaceful world, existing constitutions, laws, just societies and nations, are the handy-work of millions of unknown and un-named human beings, who subverted their present state, hard work they put in, their dedication and commitment to make this world a better place for future generations, which is us. But for them and their labours, we still might have been living in stone age. Nature gave us this raw world. It is their effort, labours and hard work which converted to its present state. Just think, feel grateful and thank them from your heart.


A home in which you live, is easily converted into a heaven, when you express Gratitude often, more frequently. Unfortunately, most of us do not do that at home, taking things granted. Home is a place which brings us so much joy, physical comfort, relaxation, tranquility, security and above all, Peace. These feelings are unique and not available anywhere else. Even after a few days of completely relaxed holidays, one longs to come to sweet home. All the exotic dishes you may have at star hotels all over the world, in a few days one gets fed up and wants home cooked simple food. You have to be Thankful to someone for creating all that bliss at home. Judge yourself honestly, whether you have been doing it? If not, then do it from now onwards, do it more frequently and you will convert your home into a heaven on earth.


A positive person with pleasing and magnetic personality, is always appreciative and expresses his appreciation in no uncertain terms, be it food at home or outside, service or help rendered, some ones’ interesting company, dress, anything. Do not take these things for granted. Always be on the lookout for those good things and express your appreciation and gratitude immediately. Always be proactive and take initiative to be appreciative about things in general. When you do that, you are fulfilling a much desired human need, which is, being appreciated.




Say, ‘THANK YOU’ and make it your favourite word.



No act of service is too small to Acknowledge.


For any Service rendered, make it a Habit of Expressing THANKS & GRATITUDE Profusely.

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