Yes, Together We Can
by (Capt) Ravi K Mahajan



Success is Delivered only from the womb of ENTHUSIASM.


‘Josh’ is Hindi for Enthusiasm. During Army training, many times our instructors would repeatedly ask us to do an exercise again and again, because they felt, that we did not exhibit enough ‘Josh’. Infantry Regiments all over the world, have Regimental War Cries i.e. just before troops enter the bloody battle, they shout their War Cry repeatedly to Enthuse each other. Indian Army Infantry Regiments, depending upon their tradition and culture, have War Cries such as ‘Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal’, ‘Ayo Gorkhali’, ‘Jai Bhagwan, Jat Balwan’, or ‘Jai Bajrang Bali, Torh Dushman Ki Nali’. These war cries and many others, instill so much enthusiasm and optimism in the soldier that he only runs ahead to kill the enemy and charge for victory. War cries, at the most decisive moment during a battle, energize the soldiers with a spirit of strong will, grit and determination. A battle in which a soldier’s very life is at stake, without enthusiastic war cries, is unthinkable. 


Do you look forward to each day when you get up in the morning? Do you look forward with anticipation and hope? Do you look forward to going to your office or place of work for achieving more and more? Do you feel excited about the day which is going to unfold before you?


Well, if answer to the above questions is ‘No’, then you really need to do something about it. You need to enthuse yourself, motivate yourself, inspire yourself. Even if things are fifty-fifty in life, positives and negatives, always embrace Positive Living and thinking and shun negative living and thinking. It is like the story of the glass, half full or half empty. The world is full of beauty and excitement. Fill your mind and heart with that. Shun company of negative people and be with positive people. Do not let yourself get lethargic, dull, aimless but, instead aim high and put in your best to achieve that, because if you think YOU CAN, then have No Doubt, that YOU WILL.


I am itching to share recent incident with you about enthusiasm and attitudes, positive or negative. We were invited for dinner to a friend’s house. Little strange, it appeared, that it was the lady who insisted that we must have dinner at their place. I was little surprised that my friend, who was a big businessman, never even called or confirmed. Anyway, when we reached their house, we were surprised to find that atmosphere in the house was Positive-Negative. I could immediately make out that there was something wrong with the man, while wife was very enthusiastic and upbeat, cutting jokes here and there, trying to make things lively on her own while husband, my dear friend, was morose, tired and offbeat.


After some time, I asked my friend as to what was the matter with him. But before my friend could reply, the good lady told us the reason in her usual enthusiastic manner. It was, simply put, that in a business deal my friends had expected a profit of about ten lacs, but because of some market fluctuations beyond anyone’s control, he made only about five lacs. Here is the catch. By making five lacs profit instead of expected ten, husband thought it was a loss of five lacs, while his upbeat and enthusiastic wife took it more practically, taking it a good profit of five lacs.


Unfortunately, this is an everyday occurrence with most of the people these days. Negatives come more naturally and easily to us. We, often ignore positives, when negatives are present. For being happy, we want to score ten out of ten. Even one thing out of ten not going our way, makes us unhappy. By doing our Karma, let us be positive and optimistic about life, be happy with what has come our way, be contented, joyful and above all enthusiastic and upbeat. It’s all in the mind. Things are the same. It’s how you make yourself feel about these, is what matters most and will ultimately, make you a positive person with whom everyone likes to be, or an unenthusiastic negative one, who is despised & avoided.


Be it salesmanship, leadership in any organization or running your business or profession, mix Enthusiasm and it becomes a heady mixture. Come Enthusiasm and no work is hard or monotonous. With enthusiasm, sleep, fatigue or hunger simply vanishes. Enthusiasm is electrifying your body with vibrancy and power. Infuse Enthusiasm with faith, trust, self-belief and will power and change an ordinary situation to an extraordinary one. By doing so, you can transform any person or organization into most progressive, result oriented one. You do not have to tell anyone. People would know by the body language, the language which is most effective without a word uttering a word.


I have boundless enthusiasm in writing this book and always feel extra energized with vitality, when I am doing this work, any time of the day or night. Just the thought of writing and sharing my experiences of last fifty years with my countrymen and others, so that they can learn and benefit from my experiences, always enthuse me and makes me a different person. I also have this nagging feeling that I should have started this work much earlier but there is specific time for everything in life and perhaps, now only is the time for me to organize and recollect my thoughts and experiences with enthusiasm and place them before you to benefit from them.


 I always wanted to give back to society and country, what I received in much abundance. This is my way of expressing my Gratitude to India, my country and its people. If reincarnation is truth, given a choice, I would prefer India as my country and birth place. I am so much enthusiastic and upbeat about my India, in spite of its drawbacks. Long live everybody’s motherland. God Bless Motherlands.  


There are certain qualities, which a leader must have i.e. to think ahead, patience and perseverance, lead by personal example, initiative, remaining unruffled against adversities, personal bearing and many others. If a leader has all of them but lacks ENTHUSIASM and MOTIVATION, he cannot be a successful leader of people. Why a leader has to have Enthusiasm because Enthusiasm is infectious and everyone around the leader, must get fully charged to achieve their collective aim and objective. Enthusiasm carries everyone along. Even if your ability, training or experience is less than others, your dynamic enthusiasm would make up for all those deficiencies. Once you are an enthusiastic leader, those whom you lead, would see and feel only your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can do wonders and perform miracles in any situation and place.


Enthusiasm is more in a person’s heart and mind, from where it shall automatically percolate to your external self, then to others and then everyone connected, gets pulled by the enthusiastic, dynamic and magnetic personality. Having high self-esteem is very important for being Enthusiastic. Have faith in your abilities and capabilities and trust in God. When you fill your heart and mind with positives in life, people will be attracted to you and the cause you profess. Never let the defeatist thoughts enter your heart & mind but sometimes they do. Always be ready with the positive ones to fill your mind with and eject the negative ones enthusiastically and mercilessly. 


Never underrate yourself against someone wealthy or influential. Never be overawed by such people. If you are fair to others, positive in outlook, remain calm and unruffled against problems and adversities, are patient, take initiative to meet people to make them comfortable and at ease, you have a great potential to be a great leader, if you pitch in your dynamism, optimism and above all, Enthusiasm. People may be influenced by someone’s wealth and grandeur initially, but would be swept away by above positive qualities you exhibit, with your sincerity and sense of fair play, pitched in.


Since, in humans, natural mindset is such that we tend to embrace negatives more easily than positives, the change in mindset is very important. We always tend to underrate ourselves and our achievements, which can be quite devastating to our self esteem and self confidence. That is why parenting is very important, because most such qualities are habit forming right from the childhood. To be high on Enthusiasm and Optimism, always look yourself up and be guided by your convictions, beliefs, faith and positive attitude, not by your misplaced and imaginative fears and apprehensions.


An essential feature of Enthusiasm is to be in robust health, which would lead you to much needed vitality, energy and power in life. Hence, a regimen of morning walk, exercise, yoga or jogging etc. should become an important part of your enthusiastic personality. A very effective way to develop enthusiasm is to act enthusiastically and be excited about things and possibilities in life. Always anticipate and hope for good, which would make you enthusiastic with unlimited possibilities.


Personal bearing is another important feature in becoming Enthusiastic Leader of men. You should not only be enthusiastic in heart and mind, but your external appearance also should always be so. Important physical attributes of Personal Bearing are, how you look. You must be modestly dressed to the occasion. When addressing individuals, you must look into their eyes. If it’s a gathering or public speaking, you must look at them all, rotating your face all around, not looking at one individual or a small group. Stand erect, shoulders back, chest up. Let smile be your permanent companion. Make others feel at ease, comfortable and important in your presence. Walk little faster than others. Be a good, intent and patient listener. Be decisive, not fickle minded and last but not the least, never lose your cool, poise and temper.               


When you go ahead in life with zest, zeal and vibrancy, also pour boundless enthusiasm and energy in whatever you do and perform better than most. This spirit of boundless enthusiasm, would always keep you stimulated and propel you and others in your company, into a mighty force to reckon with. Then you are a born leader with whom everyone wants to be connected and get attached. So CHANGE is the watchword. Change to be better, change to be enthusiastic and change to be magnetic. In Fact, level of success attained by any person in life, is directly proportional to his enthusiasm towards living a life, full of vibrancy.


Purpose of writing this book for your benefit, is to express my feelings and experiences honestly. One of my expressions has been that we are much more serious minded and serious looking than most foreigners. They are very enthusiastic in meeting new people, which we mostly are not. Smile comes more naturally to them while, on the other hand, we have to force ourselves to smile. I do not know why it is so, but we must change that disposition for good. Everyone feels good when someone meets him enthusiastically. Always keep a ready smile on your face. Ask other person ‘how is he or about his family’. Invest in enthusiasm, appear enthusiastic. It always pays to create an impression of joy, happiness, enthusiasm and vibrancy.


Life has given you so much. In turn, you also give everything you have to life. That is live life fully, enthusiastically, optimistically, energetically and vigorously, so that you can look back at life with satisfaction and joy. And mind you, when you look around to see and feel, how you have performed, you don’t need others’ approval or appreciation. You are your own best judge and what matters most in life, is how you fair in your own eyes.





ENTHUSIASM is an Elixir of Life.





Be a Tough Minded OPTIMIST


ENTHUSIASM is Infectious. It Carries Everyone Along.


SUCCESS is Getting what you want.

 Happiness is Liking what you get.


What soap is to the body, LAUGHTER is to the Soul.


Take Counsel from your Beliefs, not from your Fears.


Speaking without Thinking is like shooting without taking Aim.


Stand up to be seen. Speak up to be heard.

Shut up to be Appreciated.


If you want your work done, give to a busy person.

A lazy person may not find time to do anything.


A Resourceful Person Builds his Life with the bricks,

Adversity throws at Him.


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