Yes, Together We Can
by (Capt) Ravi K Mahajan

1. PREFACE- A Must Read.


Our Hope. Our Salvation. YES.TOGETHER WE CAN


Life is God’s most precious gift to you. Out of 700 million sperms, it was you, who won that one chance in your mother’s womb. That’s how you came into being. But, people seem to take more care of their cars, than Life. May be the psyche behind is that you got life free, never realizing the chance, which you would never get again.  


How we came to this world, was not in our hands. How and when we have to go, is also not in our hands. How we live between the two dates, however, is in our hands. It is in our hands to live a life only for ourselves, indulging in accumulation of wealth and material possessions, fulfillment of our selfish desires, pleasures and excitement or along with some of these, we live a disciplined life of character, emotional control, caring-sharing-helping others, forming friendships and meaningful relationships with one and all, as we wade through life. Yes, we do live our life with everyone else, but when we undertake our eternal journey, we are remembered for our good deeds, pious acts of compassion, empathy and kindness. History is full of those who did something for others, society or nations. None is remembered who lived for himself.


Life is Success and failure, Hope and despair, Happiness and sadness, Vibrant and lethargic, Truth and lies, Fair and unfair, Terrific and terrible, Love and hate, Good and bad, all mixed with Challenges, which you must meet to make a Success of this one time opportunity, converting an ordinary into a Rewarding Life, a life well lived.


This book, ‘YES, TOGETHER WE CAN’, helps you meet those challenges head on, and make SUCCESS of your life by adopting the principals of Graceful and Vibrant living, through various lessons in this book. The very fact that this book is in your hand, has made me like your grandfather, father, elder or younger brother, depending upon your age. I am sixty seven years old and would like to share with you, what I have learnt in this vast span, guide you, counsel you, inspire and motivate you. Analyze what I have suggested, then adopt, imbibe and instill.


Though, the Aim and Objective of this book is YOU, purpose is to HELP YOU energize in a Spirit of Strong Will and Optimism, provide Encouragement to fill your Heart and Mind with JOY & HOPE, and in turn, bring Comfort, Strength, Guidance and above all, PEACE OF MIND.

Education and Wisdom are two most important assets in one’s life. You have had formal Education from your School & College. This book is all about the other most important asset in life, Wisdom, which is not taught anywhere. Lack of Wisdom is the main reason why, in spite of great learning and knowledge, there is so much conflict, distress, selfishness and suffering in the world these days. Wisdom lies in making best use of knowledge, practical intelligence and collective thinking.


One can get wisdom by three means – imitation, the easiest, reflection the noblest and experience, often the bitterest and time consuming but surest. Moreover, Wisdom from life’s own experiences, takes long time and by the time you get such wisdom, it may be too late and not of much use because, by the time you learn from life’s experiences and are wise enough, you can’t put your wisdom to much use or benefit from it, since you have crossed the life-building years.


It is my conviction that living life is an art, which has to be learnt young when whole life is before us. Another reason why we must learn this most important art when young, is that younger mind is relatively clean, impressionable and adaptable and not cluttered with so many things, which it is at a later date. But unfortunately, we do not do so and neglect that part completely. When young, we only learn how best we can make more and more money when we grow up and focus all effort in that direction. Result is what we see all around us these days, anger, selfishness, jealousy, envy, insatiated hunger for money, status and power, living miserable lives without inner peace. Because of our own doings, life becomes a big burden. We realize the importance of technique of living very late, but by then, its almost all over or doesn’t matter. Golden era of learning has been wasted in learning things which matter little ultimately in life.


It’s where my effort writing this book for you to learn, imbibe and instill those qualities in you, which would go on to make you a better human being, better spouse, better professional, better business person, better parent or better sibling. I am sure that book ‘YES TOGETHER WE CAN’, will help you in many ways, understand others and make you feel good about yourself. Book is not written to impress but to express myself, analyze for you and guide you to a better and higher living, helping you establish meaningful life-long relationships, which count most in life but have to be nurtured during our younger days. Unfortunately, since our focus is different during younger days, in our ego and arrogance, we do not care for things which would be so important to us when we are old.  


Since my army days (1964-68), I have seen lots of life both in North as well as South of the country, met umpteen number of people, experienced many ups and downs, faced frustrations, challenges, disappointments, adversities, setbacks and am still learning something new every beautiful day. At sixty seven years of age, through my laptop, I have tried to pass on my experiences of last fifty years to those younger to me, who need definite guidance and direction but have none to look to, for guidance and support.


Nature has given us intelligence and common sense along with lots of opportunities and examples to learn from. Just take the example of a flowing river. A flowing river’s water is fresh & healthy, because ‘flowing’ means that every moment, its water is getting replenished by fresh healthy water. Water flows into the river and then flows out. Same way, why banks flourish or are flush with money? Simple, because money comes in from clients and goes out as credit to other clients or investments in various profitable areas. The moment flow stops, river water will stagnate and banks, with all the money with them, will fail. This is how we should see life. Getting and giving, to keep flowing.


In life. when we come to this world as a child, we are totally raw and have to learn everything. After having had our education in school and then in college, we may take up a job, profession or business to make a living and support a family. During this period, we come across umpteen number of people, different situations, problems, adversities, failures or success, which add to our education, maturity, experience and wisdom. Crux is that to remain viable, fresh and healthy, human life also ‘flows in and flows out’ just like a fresh & life sustaining river or a flourishing bank.


Human race has survived and flourished because older generation has passed on what they have learnt during their lifetime, to the new generation. Present state of the world order, which we see and experience today, is the cumulative effect of thousands of years of Human endeavour and effort. That’s why it is said ‘old is gold’. This Book ‘YES TOGETHER WE CAN’ is an effort to recollect my memories of childhood, adulthood, army life and then business career, which I pursued in last fifty years. What I have learnt, I have tried to pass on to the next generation for them to analyze, evaluate, imbibe and instill.   


This book makes a sincere effort to enlighten your life. We all look at each other for guidance, motivation and inspiration. Through various lessons in this book on various aspects of life, it has been my endeavour to Empower You and provide workable antidotes to self-deception, self-doubt, confusion, worry and misplaced fears. This can be best done by knowing, analyzing and understanding various day to day human aspects, focusing on how we and our mind works and how best to cope up with life, which can be quite cruel and unreasonable at times.


Unfortunately, we live in a world, which is ridden with selfishness, terrorism, violence, insatiable greed, corruption, fundamentalism and other atrocities. All these are our own creation. It is not easy to get rid of these, but nor is it very difficult, if we collectively set our mind to do it. For that to happen, we must go through each lesson of this book very carefully and try to instill and imbibe, what is suggested in various lessons, religiously. We must involve everyone in this nation building exercise, otherwise it is difficult to achieve harmony and peace in our lives. We must be determined to set things right and remain patient. There is no other way. No short cuts will work. Vociferous and influential minority in all walks of life, be it politicians, bureaucrats, business persons will try their best to block our efforts and create circumstances for status quo to continue. As beneficiaries, unscrupulous elements will try to thwart all efforts towards change, which is badly needed and which is the only way out.


Please understand that this book is not a literary work. So, please ignore language mistakes. Idea is to express myself, my feelings and pass on what I have learnt from life in last fifty years, to you.  You may think over, analyze them and accept or reject the way you want. Book is written as I speak. You may find me repetitive. By being repetitive only, makes us learn & remember things and instill good habits within us. And good habits can only be instilled by repeated practice and patience. As one great thinker once said ‘Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the Architect of ACCOMPLISHMENT’.  


It’s, in fact, a movement for mass participation, an endeavour  to take us where we actually belong, making our country as one of the most respected and value-based society in the world, because we are one of the few countries in the world, with history going back thousands of years.


If you think your family, friends, staff, students, persons who are working with you, anyone would benefit from the book, GIFT this book to them, which would make a difference to their lives. You can place direct orders with us and be a part of this movement to make a difference to the lives of those you love and care.


Everything in this world, at one time, started small, this movement notwithstanding. We invite you to be part of us. Your participation shall encourage and inspire us to do more and better. If we change individually, collective change will automatically come. Collective change is the need of the hour in our country. Various lessons in this book, inspire you to Self-Improve, to become Empowered Citizens of this Great Country, India. We Indians are second to none individually. But we can achieve much more, when we are Together, as a TEAM Collectively. Let’s do it Together. YES. TOGETHER WE CAN.


How to go about the book? This book is not an interesting story, nor a spell binding fiction novel. Plain and simple, it’s a book to improve your life skills, wisdom, a little spirituality, all mixed. Aim is, how can we improve ourselves and become better human beings, more compassionate, Giving-Sharing-Helping types. How, through patience and emotional control, we can bring in much needed Peace in our lives. How, through change, you can become more disciplined, a person of character, shun greed, resolve differences, create inner positive attitude within us to become more and more self confident. What is true worth of money and wealth in our lives, how can we shun greed, which has the power to destroy us, become more respectable and a person with Pleasing and Magnetic personality.


Life is a game. Like any other game, we must learn how to play it well. How well we play, will make us winner or loser. In this game, coming in first, second or last matters little. What matters is your own perception about how you have played and what do you think of yourself during the journey and at the end of it, not what others think of you. Though lesson on ‘Success Paradigm’ explains it all, but if you make your each performance better than the last one and have the satisfaction that you have done your very best, you will undoubtedly emerge a winner. Remember one thing. Excellence does not lie in being the best but in doing your best. What separates winners from losers? Those who try and fail and those who try and succeed. It’s the self-belief which results in self confidence. Belief in the vision as to what can be accomplished in life. This book helps you build self-confidence and self-belief. It soothes your nerves and inspires you to be a better person, a better human being, a trustworthy person creating love and compassion everywhere..

I have tried to give you a fair amount of insight within you, on various life skills. But, for yourself, only you can think. Adopting, instilling, rejecting or imbibing, is all left to you. I want you to become a leader, a role model, so that others follow your foot steps and a chain of role models and leaders is formed, touching each of the 1.21 billion citizens of our great country. I am absolutely convinced that our Collective Empowerment as a Nation, will come only from self-improvement as individuals. 


First edition of ‘YES TOGETHER WE CAN’, was published on 30 June 2011. In about four months time, five thousand copies have been sold, mostly through direct selling to institutions, by us or through our dealer friends who have gifted the book to their esteemed customers. My focus is that older people should read, imbibe and instill the qualities professed in the book themselves and then teach them to our younger people, who have to learn, self improve and empower themselves and motivate and inspire younger people to do the same. This is not for self praise, but am absolutely confident, that those who learn from the book, would be much better off than those who do not.


Though there is nothing new in the book, but the book shall not only motivate and inspire our younger generation, but shall instill them with self confidence, high self esteem, make them better parents, person with positive attitude, an enthusiastic leader, make them better at forming meaningful relationships, be patient and be at peace, will have proper perspective of money and wealth, will be giving-sharing-helping types, will face failures and fears with determination and calmness. In all, they shall be better human beings and do much better in battles of life and would be a big asset to our country. At sixty seven years, my first advise to the reader YOU is that learning process in life is always ‘on’ and only when you apply, imbibe and instill,  your knowledge, intelligence and wisdom to yourself and those you love and care, your learning is useful. Please never close your mind to learning.


After reading first edition, someone asked me a very pertinent question. How can this book ‘YES TOGETHER WE CAN’ help in the nation building? Answer is very simple. Nations are made of people or what we call human resource, and quality of this most important asset ie human resource, makes or mars the nations. If people self-improve individually, as suggested in the book, collective self-empowerment will automatically come. This self-improvement can come from what is suggested in the book under various lessons. Its about the improvement in the quality of our human resource, which is as good or better than anywhere else in the world. Imagine the changed self-empowered block of 1.21 billion Indians now and after reading this book. If out of total seven billion world population now, 1.21 billion self-improved, self-empowered, motivated Indians can change the whole world, not only India. Umpteen things in this world seemed impossible at the beginning, but with determination, commitment and direction, those were achieved. In human mind, whatever can be conceived, would be achieved. Have no doubt about it. 


Thanks to my wife Madhupriya, and Ruchira, Ramanujam, Rinku, Mudit, my Brothers & their Families, and a Big array of Friends, for their Encouragement and Support. My Special Thanks to my son, Mudit, and our entire staff, specially Malliga, Santhosh, Kavita for letting me free from office responsibilities, to work on this project.  My Grateful Thanks to our printers, Saeed Bhai, for his active help, advise and technical support, finding ways and means to keep the cost of the book down.


And most of all, THANKS to everyone, who helped me gain experience, people, writings, magazines, articles, books and other reading material, in last fifty years. It has all come handy now, helping me pass on what I have learnt, to you. After each lesson, leftover space has been used for Wisdom Mantras, compiled during last many years. And a Big THANK YOU to GOD for all His Benevolence, Kindness, Mercies, Bounties, which He Provided me with such abundance.  


THANK YOU EVERYONE.  May God Bless Us All.


                                                                         Capt. Ravi Mahajan (Retd.)


When confronted by multitude of Grief and Adversity,

If a person stands boldly, not accepting defeat,

He shall see the defeat, itself depart utterly Defeated.

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