POWER OF DISCIPLINE: Nations like Japan & German rose from ashes after complete destruction in Second World War and reached the Pinnacle of Financial Power. They hardly have any natural resources. Human resource is their only asset. Human resourcefulness develops from individual & collective Discipline and Teamwork in which these nations excel.

We Indians are second to none in individual qualities & Brain Power. But then, why we are so far behind as a nation? They are first world and we are third. I think lack of self-discipline has been the main cause.

Inculcate the habit of Discipline in your children without which no nation can reach greatness.

LISTENING POWER: One of the Great laws of life tells us that we must practice being truly interested in others. So listen carefully.

Ever tried asking questions to anyone about himself. That is the easiest way to begin a conversation with even strangers. We are not talking about hearing but listening. Listen to others. Enquire about them, their Families, Profession, Habits and Hobbies & see how quickly others accept you. BE A GOOD LISTENER.

SMILE POWER: Smile & Brighten the corner where you are. Be noticed through a smile. When you smile, others will automatically smile at you. Smile is infectious. When you smile, only smile will greet you all around. Forge your way ahead with a smile.

POWER OF FORGIVING:  Forgive and see how great you feel. Do not carry the weight of others’ grudges in your life. Drop them & see how light you feel. Forgiveness is about loving oneself enough to be honest, open-minded & willing to move ahead in life.

POWER TO CHANGE: It is not easy to let go off old ideas. Even if we know them as self-defeating, we may still struggle to hold onto them because they are familiar. One of the things that can block the development of our true potential is the fear of giving up Good for the Better.

POWER TO SUSTAIN CHANGE: During the course of our life, we all have to suffer from a broken heart, experience the loss of loved one, diminishment of Physical or Mental health or loss of Job that provides much needed income for our sustenance. Everything changes. Change is perhaps the only CONSTANT in our lives. If we do not know how to handle change, it can be heartbreaking. Relationship end, we grow old, many of our cherished Goals go unrealized.

Next time you feel that shell- breaking pain in your heart, feel it fully & deeply. Take comfort in knowing that living with & through pain, can help you become a more understanding & compassionate person towards yourself and others.

POWER OF PRAYER: Adversity can be a rich & educational gift. Prayer is a big solace. Have explicit faith in God & His doings. As Humans, we have very limited area within our control. Everything revolves around Him and His will. Accept it.