40 Ways to a Rewarding Life

A Proud Person likes to pay back what he gets. Your Family, Society and Country has given you so much. Pay them back by transforming yourself into a better new YOU, a caring and responsible citizen.  Your Roadmap to Success and Happy contented life. Easy to adopt and practice. Be ahead and remain ahead.

1.      Life is Wonderful, Great, Terrific, Never better, Pain, Unfair, Frustration or a Challenge.  Accept them as part of your life. Problems are Normal but Essential part of life.

2.      Howsoever, good or accomplished you may be, room for improvement is always there. Make self-improvement a way of life.  Observe othersí good points and incorporate in yourself. Be slow of Tongue but quick of eye. Think quick but talk slow.

3.      Always be cheerful.  Work that is cheerfully done is well done.  Always do your best.  Excellence is not found in being the best but in doing your best.

4.      Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can. Both Human Body and Mind have unlimited Potential. When stretched, you can do wonders. Simply do it.

5.      Keep a tight rein on your Temper.  Never take action when you are angry. Both Humans and Steel loose their Value once they loose temper.

6.      Do not speak ill of anyone but speak all the good you know of others. A good tongue is a good weapon. When you think good of others, they will always think good of you.

7.      Admit your mistakes.  Do not blame others for their or your mistakes. Nobody stands taller than those willing to stand corrected. Do not hesitate to apologize before the children.  By apologizing, parents teach children that anyone can be wrong and it is worth to admit it.

8.      Do not shun criticism as sometimes it might save you. Welcome constructive criticism. 

9.      Responsibility: Accept it in whatever measure or even grab it. More responsibility you accept, more important you become, higher you go. Take responsibility for every area of your life. Plan for tomorrow. You are Young at any age if you are Planning for Tomorrow.

10.  Face Facts and Problems Boldly and Squarely. Facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored.  More you know of the problem, more you are near solving it.

11.  Use your WIT to amuse, not bemuse. Avoid Sarcastic remarks.

12.  Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Do not blindly ape others.  Think of something Novel, New and Good.

13.  Learn to listen.Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly. As a Good Listener, you would be more popular than a Good Speaker. When you have nothing to say, Say Nothing.

14.  Tolerance. Tolerate others, for we all have to live together in this world.

15.  Do not be afraid of failure.  Analyze every failed attempt, learn from it and do not repeat the mistake. Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.

16.  Be helpful, kind and generous in giving. The only thing we ever keep is what we give away but kindness is something, you canít give away. It comes back. Best portion of a good persons life. His nameless unremembered acts of Love and Kindness.  Help others.  Good deeds have echoes. In about the same degree you are Helpful, you will be Happy.

17.  When Complimented, a sincere ĎThank Youí is the only appropriate response.

18.  Head should mostly override Heart.  Whenever there is tussle between Head and Heart, to handle yourself, use your Head, but to handle others, use your Heart.

19.  In life, Perseverance brings accomplishment. Never give up.  If at first you donít succeed, TRY, TRY again. You may be disappointed if you fail, but doomed if you donít try.

20.  Knowledge is not the only power. It is your most Powerful Asset. Read more books. More you read less you fear. Remember, most fears are Baseless and Imaginary only.

21.  Change and flexibility only can bring perfection.  To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often. Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be pressed out of shape.

22.  You reach Dawn through Night only.  Darker the Night, Brighter the Dawn.

23.  Maturity comes from Experience not by age.  Experience of age outshines the valor of youth.  Wise learn only from their experience. Wiser learn from othersí.

24.  Conscience is the inner voice that warns us, somebody may be watching. Keep your Conscience Clear.  For sound sleep, no pillow is as soft as a Clean Conscience.

25.  Avoid confrontation specially, in minor inconsequential issues.  Remember, you go up the ladder with othersí Support and Co-operation only.  Say Yes but donít be a Yes Man.

26.  Do not give unsolicited advise. Wise donít need it. Fools wonít heed it.

27.  Brilliant or Pleasant?  When you can be both.  Choose Pleasant.

28.  Avoid Social Showing off and One-upmanship.  True Worth needs no showing off.

29.  Think positive. Be Positive. Develop a Positive Attitude. Positive people attract others while negative repel. If there are few bad things or people, there are many Good ones.  It is how you look.  Always look at brighter side of things.  Be avers to negativism. Shun it.

30.  Patience: Having done whatever could possibly be done, patience is your best friend.  Patience may be bitter but its fruits are sweet. Be Patient on Road and with others. 

31.  Friends are light in the darkness of night, older the brighter.  Hold on to them with both hands. There is Strength in Friendship that helps us overcome lifeís most difficult times.

32.  Good Sense and Good Health are lifeís most important Assets.  All achievements in life, material or otherwise, amount to nothing if you are not enjoying Good Health.  So invest in Good Health.  Most important, TIME and avoidance of momentary pleasures such as eating Junk Foods, Fried Stuffs and Sweet pies. The same food that causes widening of waist, cause narrowing of arteries. Indulge in light exercise or morning walk from young age. Eat and drink moderately. Be Health conscious, always.

33.   Treat your Workers and Subordinates well. Their whole-hearted support is needed for your Growth.Better to have one person working with you rather than three working for you.

34.  Tide always comes back. Donít ever accept defeat. Remember, one is defeated only when one accepts defeat  and if you donít accept defeat, no one can defeat you, ever.

35.  For any service rendered, always express Thanks and Gratitude profusely. No act of service is too small to acknowledge. Always be Thankful to Him for his mercies, small & big.

36.  Do not carry the weight of othersí grudges in your life. Forgive them and see how light you feel. Forgiveness will add Peace of mind and Tranquility in your life resulting in perpetual happiness. Forgive, Forget and move on with life.

37.  SAVE as a matter of habit a Fixed Amount regularly. See the power of accumulated wealth and feel the spurt in your confidence level and sense of achievement.

38.  Never look down upon anyone.  You never know when he may be standing beside you.

39.  Focus on Good.  Be Good, do Good and Good will always come back to you.

40. When looking around doesnít bring the answer, try Looking up. Maintain Proximity with God by Praying Regularly. Develop explicit Faith in Him, which always helps. After having done your best, may be God would use his good offices in your favor.